MELANIN - What Makes Black People Black! (paperback)
MELANIN - What Makes Black People Black! (paperback)
MELANIN - What Makes Black People Black! (paperback)
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By Llaila Afrika

The subject of melanin is straight forward and simple to talk about. Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. What makes the subject difficult to talk abut is the awkward primitive Latin Language that is used in Science. Any attempt to avoid the use of the Latin Language of chemistry and biology makes you sound unscientific and unintelligent, this was the challenge in writing about melanin having to write in everyday language and not avoid science Latin Jargon. Black people need to know the basics about melanin and how to nourish melanin so they can get some positive use from it. They are controlled by their failure to realize tha the Black race is a Melanin Dominate race. The key to controlling Black People is to reduce their Blackness. Reduce their very ability to be Black which will directly affect their ability to be human and seek what is humanly theirs - freedom. Black people are a race nourishing themselves as if they are Caucasians. Since the Caucasians have the least amount of Melanin, then Black people that eat as if they are Caucasians are getting the least amount of nourishment to the Melanin. Therefore, Black people are anti-melanin and consequently fighting against themselves - fight their own melanin.