It's A Thin Line (Hardcover)
It's A Thin Line (Hardcover)
It's A Thin Line (Hardcover)
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By Kimberla Lawson Roby

A Large Print Fiction

From #1 Blackboard bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby comes the emotionally compelling story of three adult siblings, drawn together by their mother's illness, torn apart by crisis, and ultimately, made stronger by their love and commitment to each other. Sydney, Gina, and Rick are siblings who have always shared a special bond, though their lives are as different as can be. Responsible eldest sister Sydney has a sexy husband, an adorable daughter, and fulfilling work. But the steadily mounting demands of her writing career have left her little time or energy for family life. Meanwhile proud middle sister Gina is struggling to raise her eight-year-old twins--and protect them from their volatile father's outbursts. Impulsive brother Rick, the baby of the family, is living the high life--dodging commitment with his longtime girlfriend and wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. When their beloved mother Delores suffers a debilitating stroke, all three suddenly find the tenuous threads of their lives at a breaking point. A dark childhood secret threatens Sydney's secure world; Gina is swept into a maelstrom of domestic violence; and Rick reaches a dramatic crossroads in his relationship. Worst of all, the burden of caring for a parent is tearing the siblings apart, shattering their faith in one another. Now, as Sydney, Gina, and Rick struggle to overcome daunting obstacles and rebuild their lives, they will discover something they've never let themselves believe: that their most stable--and cherished--relationships have always been with each other.